About Tree Choppers

about tree choppers
Frankey & Adam


Tree Choppers owner, field operations, on site customer service.


Tree Choppers owner, webmaster, marketing, customer service.

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About Tree Choppers – Background and Mission

Frankey and Adam started this business together by each bringing their unique skill set to the table. Frankey has a background in tree services and lawn work. Adam has focused on software development. Together they decided to start a tree service business in Omaha Nebraska by combining their unique abilities and skills to form Tree Choppers.

Their vision was to open up the tree services market and allow customers to purchase tree services online! While working towards that goal they know buying services online requires first and foremost trust. Tree Choppers was founded on higher principles through both Frankey and Adam’s love of Christ. Tree Choppers strive to follow His footsteps everyday and hope our joy for life shines to all who decide to do business with us.

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