Top 3 Tree Trimming Tips in Nebraska

Tree trimming for home owners can be tricky. This is why we created the Top 3 Tree Trimming Tips in Nebraska. Although tree pruning seems simple enough, you have a tree that looks overgrown, you have a chainsaw or hand saw, and you have a free Sunday afternoon. We’ve all been there, and often times we find ourselves a bit over our heads and wondering what we’re doing. Then come Monday morning, we have to call a tree service company to come out and help clean up the mess. To avoid too much embarrassment when you decide to trim your own trees, we have come up with the Top 3 Tree Trimming Tips in Nebraska for your safety and encouragement.

Tip 1 – Be Safe

Depending on the scope of your project you’ll want to take certain precautions when trimming your own trees. First thing’s first with safety, make sure you wear proper hearing, eye and clothing protection, especially if you are using a chainsaw. To have complete protection against mother nature as you begin to trim your trees, keep in mind the following items:

  • Helmet – Needed to protect your precious noggin.
  • Safety Glasses – Protect these assets at all costs, make sure to buy good quality safety glasses.
  • Ear Muffs – If you’re operating a chainsaw or other heavy equipment, do yourself a favor and use hearing protection.
  • Gloves – No one wants to be referred to as 5 finger Phil.
  • Safe ladder – Make sure your ladder is safe and secure before getting up on that baby.
Safety first - Top 3 Tree Trimming Tips in Nebraska

Tree trimming safety is no joke, there are many other aspects to tree trimming safety we won’t be able to cover here, but include electrical lines, heavy machinery operation, working around personal property including homes and fences, drop safety zones and traffic.

If your tree trimming operation seems like too big of a job or you need an expert set of eyes on the situation, reach out to us today.

Tip 2 – Use Proper Pruning Techniques

Before you start on your DIY tree trimming quest, please consider the following

  • What do you want the tree to look like after trimming?
  • Do you have access and ability to prune the dead and over crowded areas of the tree?

Once you have answered these questions, you can identify the main branches of the tree, you’ll want to leave these alone as chopping them can damage the tree beyond repaid and lead to its death. To be sure you’re removing the right branches from your tree, follow these guidelines:

  • Remove crowded branches
  • Remove branches growing in center of tree (not from the main skeleton)
  • Remove low branches to improve clearance
  • Remove deformed or unhealthy looking branches
  • Remove branches that look to misshape the tree, over time the tree will grown into a nicer shape

Here is a diagram showing how to identify branches for possible removal:

Tip 3 – Know When to Call a Pro

There is no shame in not having all the tools or know-how to properly trim a tree. That’s why tree professionals get paid how much they do, the job is dangerous and requires specialized skills. If you feel that you are not up for the job, reach out for help. We here at Tree Choppers would be more than happy to help you with your next tree trimming or removal project. In the meantime, here is a very good video on how to properly prune your tree.

We hope you enjoyed our Top 3 Tree Trimming Tips in Nebraska, and best of luck in your next tree trimming adventure!